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We specialise in making satellite and radio tracking equipment for wildlife.
About  the AWT Tracker Software
AWT Tracker is a PC Application that provides wildlife animal tracking service with the aid of encrypted GPS and Presence/Absence. Bi-directional communications between the PC Application and Slave Tags allow for setting Operational Mode Configurations and Status requests. 
The application utilizes the latest mapping technology, providing users with the latest up to date maps.
The application utilizes Several WEB services to: 
a) Acquire information distributed on a network of satellite towers. 
b) Redistribute information acquired via the satellite network or locally via a master tag interface on the GSM network using a SMS Service. 
In addition to providing location and/or presence information on all slave tags, the application provides up to date real time device status information for Satellite Transceivers, Master Tags and Slave Tag utilizing the master tag interface or satellite tower network.